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More code tweaks that you’ll hopefully never notice…

Okay, so I’ve basically tweaked all of the automatic photo albums on the site and am currently uploading them all again. Hopefully you won’t notice the difference, and of course the question then becomes, if you won’t see the difference, why bother doing it? Well, changes were made to make the pages more XHTML compliant, which as the web evolves and moves to different platforms and standards, sticking to these standards will result is less errors. Notice I say more compliant, because not all pages are compliant. Oddly enough the sub pages are, but the index pages aren’t, and that’s because I’m using Adobe’s Web Photo Gallery as a starting off point for my templates, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to override their insertion of <TR> tags in capital letters. Minor point, sure, but enough to make it non-compliant.

I’ve also run through the main site to update some links, break some library items and move some javascript out of the main template into separate files. Lots of potential to screw things up but it seems to be working fine for me. The test will be if others report errors, but all the main pages of the main Jeffco site are compliant, so I have to imagine any errors are minor and easily tweaked.

Also updated are all the blog pages, which had a few code errors and needed a few changes to make them compliant as well. Not all of them are, but strict compliance isn’t necessary for everything to work in the browser so I’ll be taking it a step as a time since there’s no money in this for me and lots of time required. Sure a lot of it has been automated over the years, but overseeing the automation and uploading the result can take hours if not days. I don’t think I really needed a major overhaul, but the occasional course correction is a good idea.

I still need to run though the murkysea site and make the updates to those photo albums, but I don’t want to be doing this all weekend…

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