Server Move Issues

We’ve moved the server and while that will offer more possibilities, in the short term it means a few compromises.
The server has successfully been moved into my basement, which is cool, and will allow for faster uploads and better bandwidth, but it has also caused some issues with some of our pages. Nothing major, and hopefully you’ve not even noticed, but in the short term I’ve had to disable a few of the php pages, and some of the dynamic content until I have time (and Chris has time) to work out all of our connection issues. I hope you won’t see any problems, but if you do, please let me know and I’ll try to get everything up and working as it should. In the meantime though, I know there’s still plenty of great pages on the site, including countless photos, artworks, family pages, recipes, stories and lots of other stuff you can check out, so please do and I’ll see what other fun and exciting things I can add for your enjoyment! Deal? Good.

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