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Web address shakeup. Check your links!

Tonight we (Chris and I) moved to, because is being phased out and also because it makes more sense to move everything under the jeffco banner. For the most part, unless people have linked to specific pages inside, chances are no one will notice. A handful of sites for Lauren, Mike and Karla’s wedding, the Millross children, and some other wedding photos are now in new physical locations, but if you’re getting there through the jeffco site, all of those links have been updated. So, if you did bookmark pages and they no longer work, sorry about that, but return to and find your way to what you’re looking for from there. If you can’t find anything, send us an email and we’ll help you out. Hopefully we’ll be staying put for quite some time, and it makes for a cleaner, more concise web structure. Plus now, all of my previous problems with accessing the site have been corrected and I can go back to updating and adding to the site again.

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