Jeffco Website Fundraiser

Time to pay the fees again…

This weekend we’ll be holding our second website fundraiser. The last one was four years ago. We raised enough then for four years of paying for the name, which comes in at $50 a year (plus GST of course). Now, I could totally pay that myself, and in fact, I already have, but I like to ask the jeffco community to share in that cost if they feel that they’ve gotten something out of the website. And rather than just ask for money, I like to make it a fun event so that people can have fun and feel like they’re getting something out of it. Since the website hosts several people’s kid’s photos, wedding photos, etc, etc and other things for people, and lots of people get some use out of the site with downloads or whatever, I like to give an opportunity to kick in a buck or two to help with the running of it. This year we’re showing Borat and having chips, drinks and chocolate bars people can buy and all profits going towards the registration cost. Even if we don’t raise much money, it should be fun for everyone. I expect a decent turnout, and I expect we should have little trouble paying for at least another year, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: Success! We’re covered for another two years! Thanks everyone who came out and contributed.

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