Flash MP3 Player

Flash MP3 Player
Flash MP3 Player

I built a snazzy little MP3 player on spec, hoping a client will want one later on, and I’ve already done the hard part…

Nothing too fancy, but it does dynamically load an XML file, loads the MP3 files, grabs ID3 tags and builds a list, while offering all the controls needed for a slick little MP3 player. It also allows streaming of audio which can’t be captured as easily as quicktime, so I’m hoping there will be application for a musician client of mine when he relaunches his website in the fall…

If not, I’m sure I can come up with a use of my own as well…

I love the slightly plastic feel of the buttons, and I also thought the colour was quite good as well, until I realized I likely subconsciously borrowed the basic colour scheme from a winamp skin I used back in the day. I guess there’s no real copyright on the colour orange though, so I think I’m fine going ahead with it.

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