Previewing Video in OS-X

Regain the ability to scrub through video which was lost in the latest Mac upgrade.

When I got the new version of the mac OS, I noticed that they switched to a Flash style video preview, which works great but got rid of the ability for you to just grab the slider at the bottom and drag to quickly check what the content of the video was. And for a lot of videos with only black or quiet beginnings, it meant a lot of time wasted playing to get to a point where you could recognize what the subject of the video. Well, the solution is simple, just open Quick Look, a new feature in 10.5. And there’s a shortcut, the spacebar, so you don’t have to right click anything. Highlight whatever video you want to preview and hit the spacebar to have full access, and full-size to boot! Might not affect too many people, but it’s a handy little tip which will save me lots of time waiting for the preview to play…

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