Grinch Cutout [Updated]

A large size cutout of the Grinch for Christmas.
A large size cutout of the Grinch for Christmas.

UPDATE: Web stats are telling me that people are searching for Grinch cutouts and ending up here, so I thought I’d make it a little easier. Are you looking to make your own? Open these PDF files and use them as templates if you’d like.

grinch max

UPDATE2: I’ve added colour versions.


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  1. Well, all I did was project the image onto a piece of masonite (or you could use fibreboard, or cardboard or whatever), trace it and paint it. I used a laptop with a projector to do the projecting, but you can also pick up something like this to project the image: – Then you just have to paint and cut out. I don’t think there’s any right way to do it, find out what you have and what you can use and give it a try!

  2. Thank you for making the templet available for others. It’s a great on of the Grinch! My daughter is turning four next month and I asked her what kind of party she wanted and she told me she wanted a “Mr. Grinch party.” I laughed in surprise and here I am looking up decorations for a one of a kind party.

  3. Hi, I see all the people asking where they can get a cut out of the Grinch. I have one for sale and hope you don’t mind if I paste this Link: [Removed since it’s now a broken link – 2013-04-02]

  4. thank you so much! My daughter has a Latin project where they draw a picture of the Grinch and translate part of the story from Latin to English. We can’t draw…you have saved us! Thank you for sharing!! It is very un-grinchy of you!

  5. thanks for the Grinch & Dog color pdf….I am going to make wood cutouts for next year’s yard decorations.

  6. Hi, Jeff! This is a great picture of the Grinch! Is this your original work? Do I need copyrights from you in order to make a copy for my Christmas display at home.

  7. Hey Joe, I drew the image based off the TV special. As far as I’m concerned, feel free to use it any way and any how. I think you might get in trouble from the owners if you wanted it for commercial use, but hey, for your home, go to town. No worries from me. Hope it turns out well!

  8. I used masonite (fine pressboard). I used Ceramcoat acrylic on a primed surface then varnish, but it’s not for the outdoors. I mean to run tests each year to see what would be best used for outdoor usage, but I never get around to it. So they all stay inside in windows looking out.

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