Redoing Photos. Lots of Photos.

So the new year necessitates an update of copyright notices, and usually prompts a content review and refinement on the main website. Combine with that the fact that I purchased the latest versions of Photoshop and the whole CS suite and it’s led me to go through many of the old photo albums on the site and give them an update.

I do this not infrequently because it’s the best practice you can get in Photoshop. I must have retouched the same Giveaway photo a dozen times through it’s lifetime. (Never replace your originals folks – if you keep learning, you’ll always be looking for as many unaltered pixels as possible when the new digital toys come out). And maybe my corrections aren’t always better than the last time, but I learned and got better from them all, one way or another. Yesterday had me redoing all the Christmas party photos (and increasing them to the new website standard of 650 pixels. I’ve also tweaked the Web Photo Gallery template I’ve used for a while now to include the filename and a description or comment area. This finally allows me to give credits to other photographers where necessary, which was always lacking, and to give a brief description or insight into what’s going on. Now, given that I’m attempting to redo many, many albums in the next couple of days, insight will be somewhat sparse, and comments may be lame but hopefully as new photos get added or as I go back and revisit, more useful content will be added. And now there’s a place for it, which is always good.

So, I’m not going to link to specific pages, because I’m somewhat randomly going back into the photos section and replacing album pages with new and improved images. Check out the photo page and peak at an album or two if you’re interested. Some are changed, some are not, but more changes are coming every day.

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