More Blog Changes, Software Tips Added

Bear with me as a few bumps occur with the addition of a Software Tips sister blog.

I’ve added another blog with lots of my favourite software tips. I’ve got lots more to add and I will as I have time. I know not all will appeal to a large segment of the population, but I know some of you will really enjoy them. Plus I tend to answer lots of questions and suggest lots of tips to folks anyway so they might as well be written down where everyone who wants to can read them. They are attempting to get people to think of new things and try new things, not just save time or be more productive (not that those are bad reasons) but hopefully you’ll try some and see if some don’t inspire you to try something new. We’re living in an opportunity of creativy unequalled in history (IMHO) where the means to create and express yourself are all around you and more accessible than ever. Hopefully maybe some of these tips will help motivate you to take advantage of that.

I’ve had people ask me if I’m not afraid that giving away my secrets for free devalue me as a designer and trainer. Watching “Truth or Dare” probably doesn’t qualify you to be Madonna. So no, I’m not worried. These are the tiniest tips of the iceberg. I’ve devoured Aldus magazine from the earliest days and spent more time in all of these programs than anyone I know, by far. Tips are great, but nothing beats practice and experience. Nothing. No books, no tips, no training. Those things help, and are very necessary as well in some cases, but you gotta put in the time before you can understand it all. Am I worried writing a few tips down will close the gap? No, not really. And besides, what good is knowing something if you can’t share with people who are interested?

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