Photos, Photos and Even More Photos

You’d probably never notice unless I told you, but the website has had another major revision, behind the scenes. Most of the major photo albums (Giveaway, Christmas party photos, some sculpture and other general photos) have been moved onto a new sub-site, Why you may ask? Because the web program I use to organize and update files kind of chokes on more than 20,000 files, and both current sites ( and were pretty much full, so a new site was needed. So, I took the opportunity to update all my photo templates to now include the use of metadata including photo credits, comments, titles and categories which will be at the bottom of photo pages now. It took some doing, but it should make it better. I know for the sculpture photos of Getting Connected, it almost reads like a ‘how we did it’ on building the sculpture now that there’s detailed comments attached. Anyway, I hope you like them. I’ve also cleaned up a lot of the photos and increased the size to 650 pixels since browsers and screens seem to slowly be getting bigger these days. Of course, some of the old photos don’t look great because they were very small to begin with, but I’ve cleaned them up, sharpened them and made them look as good as they possibly can in most cases.

I also gave the photos section it’s own area, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to tuck them away in the resource section of the website, not sure what I was thinking there. They’re now out on their own with a new link to the photos pages on the top navigation, or you can check them out with this link.

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