A Thank You Letter from The Year’s Giveaway

Hello Friendly Giveaway People…

I wanted to take a moment out of my day to thank Jeff, David and Karen for putting on a first class event.

Karen and David graciously open their home. They fund, prepare and host a barbecue for 60 people with a smile. Snacks, Meals and Drinks are plentiful. Karen said to me this week “it’s like having a small wedding, every year”. The Millross family pulls it off with style. Thank you.

Jeff coordinates, creates and designs the event. He continues to change our thinking and keeps us looking forward asking us to each think of how we can each lighten our footprint on the earth. Jeff chases us with email, documents our accomplishments and reminds us every year that we can all make a difference. Jeff challenges us to do better. Thank you.

Volunteers who show up early to set up tables and the tarp, set out food, barbecue and lug stuff around, help this event to run seamlessly. It wouldn’t happen without you. Thank you.

Everyone who comes out and participates whole-heartedly, laughing and sharing. All of us, bringing our stuff to move on, toys to donate and positive energy makes this event as fun as it can be. I know Jeff, Dave and Karen wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun. Thank you.

In helping us to “change the way we think about stuff”, Jeff, Dave and Karen make an impact on our lives, help our environment and local charities.

Impoverished children throughout the city have a Christmas morning because of this event.

Low income families that struggle have the chance to purchase useful items and clothing at low or no cost and live better because of this event.

Tonnes of material has been diverted from landfills because of this event.

You touch lives and make a difference in the world.

I am so proud to know you.

Thank you.


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