New Photo Page Template

When visiting the Jeffco photo pages you may notice a new look. We’ve switched everything over from Photoshop templates to Lightroom templates. If I’m being honest, I think I still like the look of the Photoshop ones a bit better, and the way they handle css and relative linking is superior, but Lightroom has several things going for it as well. First, and biggest, is that it allows me to compose and upload the entire photo sections as extensions of collections built within Lightroom. Which means I can drop at least two major steps from the creation of the web pages. Also, it means no duplication of files like one set for web, another for print, which it was previously (although the web ones are different, they get uploaded directly to the server). Part of that also means metadata and comments and stuff like that get added once, and kept with the files throughout, making metadata more worthwhile and less work in the long run. Another huge advantage though is the ability to modify the photos and quickly upload again to make editing and adding to existing collections much faster and frankly more likely to be done.

Ideally in the future, the site will move to some kind of content management system (as Sandi has always correctly suggested), especially with over 5,000 photos already up, but that takes time and money I don’t want to give right now. Plus I haven’t seen the perfect system that allows me the same control yet. In the meantime, this relatively simple shift allows the files to be prepared in a forward-thinking way that should mesh with a content management system when we’re ready and the system is more accessible. That’s the thing with technology, it’s not just about building for today, but building for what tomorrow will accept and what tomorrow will serve.

Also, a change every once in a while is a good thing; it allows us to update, clean house, revisit and reinvigorate. I hope you like the change, or at very least tolerate it. I think once you get used to it and see the advantages, you won’t even remember the old way…

And as always, feel free to send us feedback if you have an opinion or suggestions on the changes, one way or the other…

New Photo Template

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