New Template: Slim DVD Case

New Template for a Slim DVD Case.

I’m taking some time to update and beef up the Templates section of the Jeffco Website. Though the section is quite popular, it hasn’t received much attention in a while and lots of the templates, while still good, could be better, so stick around and check back as I add new and updated files which you can use to make your own CD and DVD cases, booklets, envelopes and whatever. Let me save you the trouble of measuring everything out, because once you’ve done them once, they don’t often change.

First up though, and a new addition, is the slim DVD case. It’s provided in three different formats:InDesign CS5 (INDD), JPG, and PDF. Hopefully one of these formats will suit your needs.

Be sure to check out all of the templates that are already online on the Templates page of the Jeffco site.

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  1. Hello, i’m so thankful for this template! Thank you very much sir, greetings from Italy.

  2. I was wondering if you could offer this template in a .psd or Photoshop format for those of use that design covers and other things in Photoshop as opposed to in design.

  3. Hi Steven, it is also available as a jpg which can be opened in any graphics editor including photoshop. If it helps, you can open the jpg and drag guides on top of the dotted lines so you and see them over top of any graphics you paste in.

  4. I don’t use Pages, but if you open a jpg in Pages you should be able to put content over the lines to see where they should print, fold and cut. I don’t know if Pages brings graphics in real size though (100%). I would hope so, but I can speak to Pages myself. If you can import the jpg version, you can try printing a test page to see if it prints how you think it would, then you could add content on top of it, within the lines.

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