Disappointing Print Job


Crappy Prints.
Crappy Prints.

So in order to make those postcards I posted about before, I sent them out to an online print company. I’d had success with them before for business cards, and they came highly recommended, but what I got back was pretty embarrassing. So were the conversations I had with them about whether this was acceptable work for them (they felt it was).


You can see around the lines of the D, how badly off the registration is (there isn’t supposed to be any white there). They didn’t seem concerned.

More Close-ups
More Close-ups.

And the colour, the colour was all over the place. It’s supposed to be grey, but there’s an awful lot of pink ones. Not sure why pink, but if colours are going to randomly shift, pink is as good as any. Again, they were cool with that, saying there’ll always be variations, and that’s true, but I’m not sure how anyone looks at these and thinks, yeah, I’d send that out to the customer.

Whatever, it was no big deal, all-told the print job was under $30 with shipping and tax, and luckily I ordered 100 even though I only needed 30 or so, because I shipped probably 30 back to them, as examples of the bad, and threw out another 30 or so, so a 40% acceptable rate. I dunno, they didn’t seem to be embarrassed, but it’s okay, I was embarrassed enough for the both of us…

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