Canadian Centennial/Expo ’67 LPs Collection

One of my niche LP collections is Canadian Centennial/Expo 67 LPs…

Canadian Centennial and Expo 67 albums aren’t really documented too many places, so I thought I should go ahead and start that. I’m adding more and more all the time so check back and see what else I’ve managed to find. The hope it to make a website dedicated to it specifically, but for now I thought I’d start here, get the ball rolling.

It’s not only albums from 1967, but ones that are specifically part of Expo 67, or the Canadian Centennial celebration. Canadians were encouraged to contribute in their own way so I know there’s a lot more independent Centennial-inspired albums to find. Some of the high school and church recordings made to celebrate the centennial are my favourites. I even have one from my old High School. If you have or know of any not listed here, drop me a line or add a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Update: There are, coincidentally, 67 albums in this collection. Surely to change soon as more are found, but I thought it was worth pointing that out.

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