Lego Sewing Machine Packaging

Lego Sewing Machine and Box
Lego Sewing Machine and Box

Lego sewing machine and packaging and instructions. Done for a friend to be given as Christmas gifts. Original Lego Sewing Machine design and instructions from Carrie Bloomston of

Detail of printed instructions
Detail of printed instructions


Download Instruction Page

Download Box design

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  1. Are these instructions available for purchase, or is there a complete kit available?

  2. That link appears to just go to Carrie Bloomston’s home page now.

    Couldn’t find the instructions there.

  3. Is there a link to print the box? The original tutorial does not show or include the packaging.

  4. No, I guess there isn’t. If you give me a day or two, I will add it. Not sure why I didn’t include that…

  5. NO, but let me just take a look… Basically I took a ruler and a rounded edge instrument (I used the top of finger nail clippers – something solid but that won’t cut through the paper). I laid a ruler from each pair of black lines and pressed down to make it easier to fold on those lines. I missed one at the bottom of the image though it seems. So, press down and make the lines easy to fold along, then I took an x-acto knife and cut the edges and down the left and right of the top image (and the opposite section as well). At that point it becomes a lot easier to see with the whole thing cut out and the shapes folding. The middle section (with Lego Sewing Machine 1794) is four sides and folds into the width of the box, and the other pieces fold down to make the top and the bottom. Try that, see if that works. If you need more detail or anything, just let me know. I’ll see if I can help out. Good luck!

  6. Is there an actual list of the pieces anywhere? I see the visual with the quantity listed but my old lady brain is overwhelmed trying to find these parts on the Lego site!

  7. Hi, what kind of paper and what size did you print the box on?
    This box design is the cutest!

  8. It’s been a while so I’m trying to remember specifics, but the file shows it as 11 x 15 which would have been printed on 11×17, Tabloid size, double letter. It was just regular cardstock, which I would have sent to Staples to print, so it was likely 65 or 100 lb. Sorry, I can’t be more specific because it’s been so long, but if I were to do it again today, I’d try it at 11×17 100lb, and see how that looked. I mean, you could definitely print it bigger or smaller and it would still assemble correctly, but if you made it too small the lego wouldn’t fit inside. But Tabloid size should hold everything nicely.

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