Illustrator: Christmas Lights Illustrator Brush

Christmas Lights

Need to be able to draw lines that look like Christmas lights? I might have a tool for you…

I enjoy playing with patterns, and Adobe Illustrator makes it easy. Well, mostly, but I won’t nitpick. Here’s my latest brush which just simply makes a pattern of repeating christmas lights, as in a string of traditional Christmas bulbs. I needed a small swath of bulbs, so I figured I might as well go full pattern brush, since it will no doubt come in handy at some point. And to increase those odds, I’m sharing it with the world. Have at it, I hope it’s useful.


Get the Christmas Lights Brush

Download the brush here:

The brush is free, but please feel free to leave a comment if you find the brush useful. Thanks!

The brushes palette has four sizes of bulb (25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of what was originally created). I know that can be varied off of just one pattern brush, but I thought this might be easier. I thought about offering varieties of colours, but I figured people can do that themselves if they want.

Christmas Lights Pattern Brush

To that end, I left the original pieces of the pattern on the workspace, above the artboard. Feel free to play around and create something better. Or, use as is. Hope it makes your next project a little easier.

Window with Lights

Christmas Lights Strip

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Christmas Lights Strip

24 Responses

  1. Hi, yes, it’s an Adobe Illustrator file. If you open it in Illustrator, you can open your brush palette and you will have three sizes of Christmas lights brushes you can use to draw with or apply to existing lines. Only works in Illustrator though I’m afraid.

  2. i AM USING 2011 cs5.


    Is it possible these will not work with CS5?

  3. Try drawing a rectangle with the rectangle tool, then clicking on the brush in the brushes palette. Does that work? I don’t know for sure if it will work in CS5, but if it works on a rectangle, it’s working…

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