Halloween Decorations

Gathering up decorations for coming Halloweens.
Gathering up decorations for coming Halloweens.

Totally frivolous buying and decorating – or maybe, next year…

Whoo, seems like forever since I’ve updated (more than an illustration or two here or there). Let’s see, been very busy with the contraception book, laying it out, printing it out, adding illustrations, photos, etc. A lot of work to this, but it’ll be nice when the paycheque arrives. And it’s been nice to know money is coming in. Being without cash is crippling. It’s a weight on you when you have to decide if you can go out and do something because you don’t have any money. It’s been much more fun now that some is coming in. I’ve gone out and spent reasonable amounts on new clothes or things for the house that I’ve needed. Silly things like paper towels and such, but stuff that’s always needed and I was running out of. Not much, just here and there, but when something breaks or needs replacing and you can’t do anything about it, it sucks. Plus with Hallowe’en over, I’ve had a lot of fun running around and buying up decorations at 50-75% off. Something fun about the sales, and also buying things which are strictly for fun. No practical purpose whatsoever! That’s Western decadence for ya! But I’ve been hankerin’ for some big of Hallowe’en fun, so I figure next year, if I can make the time, I can make the garage up as a haunted house or something for the annual scary movies, or even add a kids day for Scooby Doo or other Hallowe’en-flavoured fun. Some of the kids should be starting to hit the right ages to appreciate a bit of scary fun by then. It’s had me a bit nostalgic for the High School dance decoration stuff we did way back when. Of course, back then, Hallowe’en wasn’t the industry it is now. I remember how hard it was to find a skull model to use for the stuff we did. Now, every street corner has some sort of Hallowe’en decoration, and cheap, so this will be much easier than having to make everything ourselves. I may even endeavor to make a prop coffin. That’ll be my third. First was for high school, second was for a Hallowe’en party, and well, third time’s the charm…

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