Speaking of Winterlude…

A snapshot overlooking Dows Lake from the Pavilion.

Since Winterlude seems to be in the air yet again (every year!), I thought I’d go back and beef up some of the Jeffco site’s content on Winterlude in general. I’ve added a new page which includes some Winterlude links and general winter links, and also a list of links to BeaverTail resources including several recipes for making your own BeaverTails. If you’ve ever been to Winterlude the sweet smell of sugar and cinnamon (and eating a napkin or two) is no doubt part of your memory.

I’ve often said that the NCC and the City of Ottawa have really missed the boat on hosting a real web presence for Winterlude and all of it’s activities. This was made even clearer as I went to find links to share. Why there isn’t a larger single site with more and better content is beyond me. I’m sure it’s related to money and because the event has an unevent history of being caught in between a tug of war between the two organizers, but that’s really no excuse. Winterlude is a national celebration which deserves more money, more respect and better online representation.

That said, I’ve done what I can to capture the amateur sculptor’s side of things with lots of information and historical documentation on my site, and as time allows, I’ll try to go back to add more of my many, many photographs from Winterlude events and locations.

Check out the Winterlude links page or the Sculptor’s Resources pages if you’re interested about finding out more Winterlude, the City of Ottawa, BeaverTails, or any of the other wonderful celebrations of Winter in Canada’s Capital! There’s even links to recipes for making your own BeaverTails, in case you aren’t able to make it this year – Don’t forget the napkin though!

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