Photos: Trip to Murphy’s Point to Test Out a New Lens

Murphy's Point Provincial Park, Ontario
Murphy’s Point Provincial Park, Ontario

I bought a new Sigma Lens after my Canon 17-85 finally gave up after eight years of service, so what better way to try it out than a day-trip to Murphy’s Point to take some pictures with my mother. We didn’t venture too far in, but there was plenty to photograph in what we did cover. Trying out a new lens after all that time showed me how lazy I’d been with letting the camera making too many decisions. Getting home to the computer I wasn’t thrilled with the results I’d gotten. They were okay, but finer points like contrast and focus weren’t what I wanted.

I took some time and played with some settings and took comparable shots with other lenses and figured out what I was doing wrong. A little late perhaps, but I find it almost impossible to see in-camera how I’m doing. Sometimes you just have to take a bunch and see how they come out. Luckily twenty years of Photoshop practice allowed me to salvage most of what I took, and they’re decent, not complaining, but I know there’s plenty of work and practice still to be done to get what I want directly in-camera.

Click the main photo above, or this link, to see the photos taken.

Murphy’s Point

If you’ve never been to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park, check it out on Google Maps.

Murphy's Point Map
Murpyh’s Point Map

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