Photos: Alex Janvier at the National Gallery of Canada

Alex Janvier at the National Gallery of Canada

A couple of us went to the National Gallery to see the Alex Janvier show that’s on now. It was a great show, with lots of wonderful paintings and historical context, and surprisingly no restrictions on photography (except I assume flash wasn’t allowed. I didn’t try though, so I don’t know for sure). And there weren’t many other people there, which is both good and a shame. We had a very enjoyable time and we spent a couple of hours there and in the bookstore. It was a great escape from the cold winter day. We’re looking forward to when the Canadian galleries open up again in May and we can go back again and see all they’ve done. The Alex Janvier show is on until sometime in April. It’s definitely worth going and seeing in person if you like the photographs. Or if you just like great art. 

Alex Janvier Links

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