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In honour of Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary, I thought I’d share my little tribute of sorts. While everyone else was into Star Wars and Star Trek, I loved my Dr. Who books. The original series was often criticized for it’s rubber monsters, but let me tell you, there were no rubber monsters in my imagination.

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  1. Very nice collection. I used to read the Doctor Who paperbacks in the Kitimat Public Library in the mid-seventies. In fact, I only knew of Doctor Who from those books, having never seen or heard of the TV show (which by then was into the fourth doctor, Tom Baker – my favourite.)

    Those books were some of the earliest science fiction I read, a genre I immersed myself in for years afterward.

  2. Thanks Geordie, yes, me too. I was more into the books and they allowed for quite the imagination, more than the TV show I imagine, and being in Ontario, Canada, you were lucky to get one twenty-minute episode a week so these filled the rest of the time very nicely!

  3. …And I’ve started watching the Tom Baker episodes again – So good!

    I love the special effects, rubber or not.

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