Snow Sculpture Time Again

Snow Sculpture at Lansdowne
Snow Sculpture at Lansdowne

So it seems that the City of Ottawa Snow Sculpture competition is starting up again. I don’t have any plans to sculpt again, but Dave said he might be interested. I have offered my help to the organizers and hope to be able to share some of our experience and history with them.

Obviously though we’re big fans of the competition and look forward to seeing them start up again at their new location at Lansdowne. You can be sure you’ll see us out there, and sharing some stories and photos on here as well.

Find out more information about how to register here:

September 13th, 1759 (The Death of Wolfe)
September 13th, 1759 (The Death of Wolfe)

And hey, why not find out more about Jeffco sculptures while you’re at it:

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  1. Hey guys been long time ! Not sure you remember me .. Lion king … White knight … Senators … Bear fm etc … Etc … So they have decided to start it up again ? Love more info give me a call … Maybe can help if needed …. 613 796 9856 thanks guys

  2. Hey Yvon, of course we remember you, how are you? Long time no see. We don’t have anything to do with sculptures other than being a cheerleader, so all we know is what’s on the website. Didn’t even make it down this year. If you’re looking to help out, they have a website this year too though:
    If you participate this year, let us know, we’ll come down and say hi!

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