News Clippings: X-Rated/Liberty Street

Degrassi Tours recently had an auction of assorted memorabilia. I won a collection of news clippings and production documents from a number of movies featuring Stacie Mistysyn. Though I was primarily after Princes in Exile memorabilia, the collection includes other interesting films as well. Because they’re older, most likely aren’t on the web already. So, the best thing to do for posterity was to upload them so others could see them too. I’ve included PDFs so anyone searching for these films might happen across the metadata. All phone numbers and personal information have been redacted.

I’m not sure they knew how bad ‘X-rated’ would have been for a searchable title, but it was a pre-Internet world, who could have known? Hopefully a few savvy Liberty Street fans will know how to search for this. And hopefully this won’t get the rest of my site blocked. 😉

Below are PDF versions of the images above. The text has been scanned and included in the files, so they can be more easily found by people searching for these movies.

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